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594 Stuart Street, Pennsylvania

+30 443 444-3254

594 Stuart Street, Pennsylvania

On Demand Mental Health Training

We Treat The Cause, Not The Symptoms

Easy to access mental health resources to establish solid foundations for your well-being

Establish Optimal Mental Health At Your Core

New to Mental Health?

Great! Let us help you build a solid foundation & tap into the necessary resources to better yourself & your mind.

Have OK Coping Strategies?

Coping strategies help manage the symptoms. Learn how to address the cause & restore balance.

Feeling In Control?

Let us guide you towards even greater mental well-being & control, by helping you discover new areas for growth.

Take our 7 Vitals™ Assessment to find out what areas you’ve mastered & uncover opportunities for growth.

Let us help you fortify all 7 Vitals™ to achieve your full potential!

Build A Balanced Life With The 7 Vitals™

Discover our structured & systematic framework to breakdown the 7 areas of your life that supports a healthy, happy, & balanced life.
By providing a clear roadmap, we help you prioritize actions that maximize your well-being and empower you to take control of your mental health.
Rest & Recreation
You can step out of the darkness and into mastery of your mind, empowering you to master your life with confidence & clarity!

The Master Mind Flix Is A Modern Approach To Mental Health

On-Demand From Anywhere
No Appointments Needed
No Need To Leave Your Bed
Accelerate Time In Therapy

What You Will Learn

Nurture Fulfilling Connections
Uncover Your True Purpose​
Forge A Clear Financial Path​
Deepen Your Spiritual Well-Being​
Optimize Your Physical Health​
Efficiently Recharge & Rejuvenate​

Learn the powerful framework that will help you master all areas of your life!

About The Founders

Dr. Ricardo Whyte is an addiction psychiatrist, & Dr. Suranee Waleszonia is a clinical neuropsychologist.

Together, they founded The Master Mind Institute, where they have tailored their 30+ years of clinical experience into actionable, attainable, & easy to follow strategies.

The vision of The Master Mind Institute is to revolutionize how mental health is achieved in order to help people live happier, healthier, & more purposeful lives!

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